Full content edits for manuscripts ranging from short stories and essays to book-length projects. I provide in-document notes and edits, as well as a detailed editorial letter addressing macro issues like plot and character development, story arc, structure, tone, continuity, argumentation, and more.

EDITORIAL LETTER  A big-picture analysis of your manuscript that considers overall structure, tone, character and plot development, logic and argumentation. I’ll identify sections that could be expanded or pared back, questions that arise during reading, particularly strong sections, and areas that could be revised. I often suggest outside reading that may provide a useful model.

LINE EDITING In-document editorial notes that consider your manuscript at the sentence level, addressing word choice and syntax, logic and flow. I’ll clean up typos and leave comments or questions to resolve issues of clarity and continuity. I’ll highlight exemplary sentences as well as sections that could be streamlined or tightened.

MULTIPLE DRAFTS According to your preference, I’ll provide editorial notes and additional guidance on revisions.

NEXT STEPS When you’re ready to send out your work, whether you’re querying an agent or submitting directly to a (book or magazine) publisher, I offer how-to-pitch guidance and specific suggestions for where to place your work based on my knowledge of the literary landscape and marketplace. For a book-length manuscript, I’ll provide editorial guidance on your query letter and synopsis.