Editorial & Consultation Services

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Manuscript Consultation

A combination of in-person or phone feedback and editorial notes. We’ll begin with a 30 minute meeting to discuss your project. Next, I’ll read your manuscript and provide a detailed editorial letter that aims to give you the guidance and tools to go back into your manuscript and make revisions on your own. 

Marketing & Publicity Consultation

A 45-minute meeting, in person or on the phone, to discuss marketing and publicity strategies for your book, whether you’re planning to self-publish, submit to presses, or have a book already under contract with a publisher. Marketing and publicity campaigns are essential for driving attention and sales for your book.

Ariel Lewiton worked closely on my debut memoir in dual roles: editor and publicist. I was astounded at the clarity of vision, resourcefulness, and ingenuity she possessed in both roles. I always had a teammate, someone who saw beyond what I did in the manuscript, and knew exactly how to realize it. Throughout our editorial rounds, she switched hats constantly to act as my book’s tireless advocate. Ariel was essential in securing reviews in heralded, widely read outlets, placement on lists in top publications, and scheduling events that expanded my book’s readership in smart, unique ways.. It was, by far, the best professional experience I’ve ever had.
— Mike Scalise, author of The Brand New Catastrophe

Full Length Manuscript Edit

Full content edits for manuscripts ranging from short stories and essays to book-length projects. I provide in-document notes and edits, as well as a detailed editorial letter addressing plot and character development, story arc, structure, tone, continuity, argumentation, and more.


I offer copyediting and proofreading services for a wide array of written content including contracts, presentations, grant and program applications, correspondence, social media campaigns, and more. I will also craft original content upon request.

During the final bleary push of making my book into a book, Ariel renewed the vision. She offered constructive and concrete feedback, allowing me to see the whole in a new way. She gracefully strengthened problematic sentences and made sure that the word fear didn’t appear 142 times in an essay collection titled Fear Icons. Ariel transformed the editorial process into a conversation, one that is informed by her extensive experience in the publishing industry and her own work as a creative writer. That extended and generous conversation allowed me to see the work in a new way. And to make it what it needed to become.
— Kisha Lewellyn Schlegel, author of Fear Icons
"Working with Ariel Lewiton as the editor of my book was a dream. She took my earnest and all too effusive manuscript and helped me turn it into a smart, concise and direct piece of writing, much more suitable for the academic market to which it was targeted. She sharpened my prose, gently edited my enthusiasms, pointed out contradictions and readily supported insights I had that were worth writing about. In the process she sharpened my thinking as much as she sharpened my writing. We worked via phone and email and she was immediately responsive to my questions and concerns. And (bonus!!) she helped me to stick to the publisher deadlines! She really did make my book much better than it was when I started. I can’t recommend her highly enough."  

– Ken Foster, author of Arts Leadership: Creating Sustainable Arts Organizations

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