A 45-minute meeting, in person or on the phone, to discuss marketing and publicity strategies for your book, whether you're planning to self-publish, submit to a press, or already have a book under contract. Marketing and publicity campaigns are essential for driving media attention and sales for your book. A marketing strategy seeks to identify and target ideal consumers and build brand recognition for your book. Publicity is the press coverage your book receives (reviews, best-of lists, interviews, etc.). We’ll discuss timelines, expectations, how and whom to query, social media, blurbs, touring, and more.

If you’re self-publishing, we’ll discuss how to position your book for sale (where it fits in the contemporary literary landscape, how it stands out in the field, who the intended audience is) as well as how to bring public visibility and media coverage to your work.

If you’re preparing to send your book out on submission, we’ll talk about how to draft an effective query letter and which potential publishers may be a good fit for your manuscript.

If you’ve sold your book to a publisher, you may already have an in-house publicity team. It’s important to keep in mind that in-house publicists are often juggling numerous book campaigns simultaneously, and tend not to be particularly transparent with authors about which campaigns they’re prioritizing at any given moment. I’ll offer guidance about how to communicate effectively with your publicist, including when and how often to contact them, which questions are most helpful to ask, what you can expect at different stages of the publishing process, and what you can do on your own to help your team promote your book.

After our meeting or call, I’ll follow up with a letter outlining what we’ve discussed, for your continued reference.